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  • Folkert de Jong

    Folkert de Jong

    Social Shaman | Pompous Windbag | New Millennium Oblomov | Virtual Contortionist

  • Heikki Piipponen

    Heikki Piipponen

    Father and husband. Using Twitter for following #data #api #iot #cloud & stuff

  • Janne Ruohisto

    Janne Ruohisto

    Founder and CEO of @intunex. Developing a unique social business application that changes the way people locate, share & develop expertise within organizations.

  • Kseniia Zhuk

    Kseniia Zhuk

  • Antachiousi


  • Primer Conf Europe

    Primer Conf Europe

    PRIMER is the conference dedicated to exploring this question and bringing together the leading minds in futures design thinking and doing, Sep 10–11th 2018.

  • Anton Sten

    Anton Sten

    Let’s keep this simple: I make digital products work, by ensuring the people who have to use them know how to and enjoy doing so.

  • Talvikki H

    Talvikki H

    I prefer the real life outside internets. Family & Home.

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