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Kallio, we like you already

New website for the Finnish National Railways Launch

Our Annukka and others have been working with VR’s own design team and other collaborators to launch an amazing new website & eshop for VR, the Finnish National Railways.

📷 Claudia Ramírez on Unsplash.

During the uncertain times, such as this with corona pandemic, we tend to search solace from various patterns; research, information and disinformation. Our brain tries to look for patterns also where those might not be seen, looking to make sense of the chaos.

One of the frequent terms thrown around…

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📸 Junnu

📸 Ari

On the way to Herrö island 📸Topias

Shakti’s playstation on the 19th of Aug, 1400 hours.

Hybrid life

I feel that the boundary between off and on work is somewhat difficult, because of the pandemic and remote…

Using your club room as temporary office space at your condominium
Turning your condominium’s club room into a temporary office 📸 Mika L


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